February 14, 2018


If you've been following my channel and IG lately then you know I've just recently became obsessed with the K-pop group BTS. I literally wake up to them and fall asleep to them. I haven't been able to properly focus since BTS entered my life. The only reason why I'm back on Blogger after a 5 month hiatus is because this tutorial was too technical to put on Youtube lol. However, I do plan to post most on here so stay tuned :)

1. Faux Leather Trim - $1.50/yd in Fabric District, LA
2. Measuring Tape
3. Mallet
4. Double Cap Rivets + Tool
5. Grommets + Tool (both optional)
6. E6000
7. (3) Buckles - $1/ea from Fabric District, LA
8. (3) Large O Rings - $1/ea from Fabric District, LA
9. Scissors

1. Cut your leather trim: (1) 7" strip, (1) 21" strip, (2) 15" strips, (2) 20" strips, (3) 6" strips
2. Attach a 6" strip to the top and a 15" strip to the side of an O ring. Repeat to the other side making sure both 15" strips are pointing outwards away from the center.
Make a slit 1/2" down from the end of the strip and another one 1" down from that first slit. Wrap around the ring and align the slits so they match up. Poke the rivets through the slit and secure using the tool.
3. Add the 21" strip to the bottom of both rings. Add a 6" strip to the inside of preferred ring and the 7" strip to the other.
4. Add a buckle to each 6" strip.
Make a slit 1/2" down from the end of the strap. Feed the strap through the buckle, like the buckle prong through the slit and feed it back down. Glue the strap end to the strap body to finish. I like to add little clips to hold the glue in place while drying.
5. Bring the ends of the 15" straps up to the top and attach it to the sides of the last O ring. Attach the 20" strips to the top of the ring.
6. Add grommets to the bottom of the 7" straps and both 20" straps. Grommets are optional but I felt they made the harness a little more badass (: If you prefer no grommets, just make slits instead.

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