September 14, 2017

DIY/ Boujee Dollar Decor

Wow it's been a lifetime since I wrote out an actual blog post! Life has been hectic (when is it never) and I've been putting a lot of focus in Youtube the past couple months. However, I'm not here to talk about my busy schedule, we're here to talk about being broke & boujee!

So many of you enjoyed my DIY Boujee School Supplies video and the DIY Dollar Anthropologie Decor video so much that I decided to combine the two to create DIY Dollar Boujee Decor tutorials! You don't know how much fun I had making this video and seeing all of the boring #basic dollar supplies transformed into something beautiful. Check out the video below for all of the tutorials!

Currently living that broke & boujee lifestyle. brb.
PS. I will be gracing your feed with an update on my hectic life so stay tuned!



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