August 1, 2017

WEARING/ Magic Bra

$10 Magic Bra // NewChic
Dress Dress // NewChic

If you haven’t seen these magic bras yet then are you really from this earth? Everyone knows that these bras work wonders for our big breasted women but what about for the ladies in the Itty Bitty Titty Committee?! I wanted to put this $10 bra to the test to see what it could do for girls that have practically no boobs lol.

I received 2 bras from NewChic - a basic and a push-up. For my usual sticky backless bras I use the 'chicken cutlet' type of bras and because this is basically the same thing, I decided to apply it the same way. In order to push up the little goodies I've got, I place the bra closer to my armpit and lower toward the bottom of my boob. Placing it closer to your back allows the bra to bring everything together once it is laced up.

My final thoughts about this bra:
PROS // I feel like it totally does work! It definitely gave me more body in this dress than I did with out. The front lace-up closure in the front is a plus because unlike the cutlet bra, the lace-up feature allows you to adjust how tightly you want your boobs pushed together. The price is also a pro since it doesn't break the bank.
CONS // The only gripe that I have with this bra is that the center stops pretty high so unfortunately you're unable to wear anything that is plunging or deep-V.

Check out the video on my channel to see me review these two bras in action!



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