May 12, 2017

WEARING/ Vintage Valentino

Valentino Sweater Top // thrifted
Black Denim Shorts // thrifted
Diamond Fishnets // eBay
Black booties // MakeMeChic

I never would have thought red would be a good color on me, unless it's faded 3x like this top here. Probably the reason why I only have 2 red tops in my entire closet (lol). Picked up this vintage Valentino sweater top a few years back and have been wearing it a lot recently with this weather. It's literally one of the only sweater tops I own so I would probably shed a tear if I ever lost it. Also - can I just give a quick shoutout to those button details at the bottom waistband though?? I keep forgetting they exist and I feel they deserve some spotlight every once in a while.

Photos by Winnie //


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