October 13, 2016

Sun + Cobalt

White Baseball Cap // Sun & Cobalt
Criss Cross Halter Bra // Alo
Highwaist Capri Leggings // Alo
Acid Wash Denim Jacket // thrifted
Air Max Sneakers // Nike
Taupe Lippie // Beeper by ColourPop

I'm always on the go, always busy and always have a million and one things to do. On top of that, being in the fast pace world of the fashion industry only adds to it. I'm a busy girl so there are some mornings where I'm either too tired or running out of time so all I can do is roll into work wearing cotton pants, a baggy tee and my Fentys. However, when you're in fashion, style is a given if not mandatory so looking somewhat decent is always needed. That is where the beautiful art of athleisure comes in! Athleisure style allows me to still dress trendy without looking bummy while staying relaxed and comfy all day long. With a ton of new workout and athleisure brands emerging, there's no excuse to sacrifice style for comfort. A big plus to the athleisure trend is you're already half way dressed for the gym so there's no real excuse to skip your workout!

Want to get your hands on limited edition, unique athleisure clothing? Check out www.sunandcobalt.com! They have the cutest, minimalist athleisure pieces ever!

PS. My dancer pose needs work - I know.

October 4, 2016

Fishnets + Creepers

Fishnet Top // Nasty Gal (similar)
Halter Sports Bra // Alo
Vintage Versace Belt // Thrifted
Distressed Denim Shorts // DIY
Suede Booties // MakeMeChic

Been wearing a lot of fishnet lately and I think it's just that time of the year. Closer to the holidays it's inevitable to pull out all your darker pieces, stockings, and everything bejeweled - well for me at least. I've probably worn something fishnet or mesh 25 days in the last month because it's the perfect piece in Cali. It's starting to get colder so you want to wear a jacket, but you can't commit because it will get hot so a mesh long sleeve top is a go-to. This week has just been everything but sane and peaceful. I've been so behind on posting my upcoming Youtube video that I told everyone would be up by last week :( Hoping to get back into things this week although it is October and everyone knows once October hits, the next thing you know it's January 2nd.

What was supposed to be a nice lunch get-together with my girl Momo that I haven't seen in years turned into a runaway mission from a creepy pervert - to top off my crazy week. With the little time we had not running away, we shot around DTLB. She just started her blog so definitely check her out! // momookimoto.com //

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