May 13, 2016

All Meshed Up

Grey Fedora // Forever 21
Acid Wash Denim Jacket // thrifted
Bralette // Luxe + Lexie
Mesh Dress // Luxe + Lexie
Thigh High Boots // Qupid (similar)
Jewelry // vintage

I love mesh for those sunny, breezy days because it's still breathable yet keeps you covered - sort of. Found some outfit photos before my blonde days that I never posted. My family and I are all moving out to different cities within the next month, so I'll be posting old outfit photos for a while until I'm settled back in. Happy Friday!

Photographed by Winning Angel of Be Brave Fashion //

May 7, 2016

Mother's Day Brunch Under $90

Half Baked and Key Taste Catering teamed up to show you how to throw a Mother's Day brunch for under $90! You can give that special woman in your life a well thought-out brunch in an affordable, yet sophisticated way.

1. Streamers - $1
2. Glitter Tape - $1
3. Faux Flower Bouquet (2) - $2
4. Real Flower Bouquet - $9
5. Long Faux Flowers (2) - $2
6. Tall Vase - $1
7. Short Vases (2) - $2
8. Table Cover - $1
9. Table Runner - $1
10. Candles (2) - $2
TOTAL : $22

Serving Size : 4 people
1. Cheese board - Link coming soon! - $15
2. Hamachi - Link coming soon! - $17
3. Chicken Poppers - - $10
4. Mimosa - Link coming soon! - $10
5. Scrambled Eggs + Creme Fraiche - - $7
6. Strawberry Infused Leche Flan - - $5
TOTAL : $64

Check out our video tutorial for the process of setting everything up. DIY Tassel Garland tutorial is in the previous blog post. Special thanks to the Young family for being in our video!

Key Taste Catering believes in the art of fusion cuisine, influenced by both Asian & Latin American cultures. They believe in using the finest and freshest ingredients locally grown.
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IG // @keytastecatering @_keyno
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May 5, 2016

DIY/ Tassel Garland

The Half Baked girls are in the midst of preparing for our Mother's Day Picnic and I was in charge of creating the tassle garland. Many of the tutorials we found for the tassle garland required tissue paper, however our color scheme is baby pink, cream, and white and we could only find a tissue paper pack of pastel colors with only 3 baby pink sheets. I didn't think it was necessary to buy multiple packs just for one color so I sat on it. I walked around the store a bit and behold - I found baby pink streamers! The streamers worked out perfectly using the same technique! I definitely recommend using streamers especially if you only want a one-color garland.

1. Streamers
2. Scissors
3. Tape
4. String

1. Cut streamers to 16". The finished tassle will be 1/2 of your initial length, so feel free to make them longer if you want.
2. Cut 5 more pieces, lay them on top of each other and fold in half to make a crease.
3. Cut each side into 4 strips leaving about 1" before the crease. Repeat to other side.
4. Starting from one side, roll the un-cut center and twist together.
5. Bend the tassle in half and continue twisting the sides together. Make sure you leave a tiny hole at the top for the string.
6. Secure with tape. We used gold glitter tape to add a metallic accent.
7. String all of your tassles together knotting each one at the top.

Have fun with your new decor!

May 4, 2016


Crop Top // DIY (tutorial here)
Button Skirt // thrifted
Rose Kimono // thrifted
Double End Belt // Gold Soul
Sunnies // Gold Soul
Lippie // Lovegood by ColourPop

I sometimes wonder if loose, oversized clothes make me look extra short - then I remember, who gives a crap. Something about being decorated with gems and wearing flowy garments make me feel like I’m one with the earth - or maybe I’m just weird. I found this gemstone pendant for $1 in an old lady’s stand at the open market. Didn’t think much of it until I looked closely at the stone. It seems to be a low-grade Labradorite but hey - it’s a $1 Labradorite!
A word of life that I hold true to myself is : One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. My room is filled with other people’s unwanted things but I think that’s why I love it so much. A treasured piece can hold so much story and personality.

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