April 4, 2016

Hair By Jamilee

I no longer have Jack In The Box curly fries hair color! Got my hair color corrected by my friend Jamilee Abucay at Bauhaus Hair Studio. Originally my hair was bright orange because I was a brat and bleached my asian hair after my sister lightened it. And of course, ya girl was too lazy to drive to the store to pick up toner so I left it as is for almost 2 months - yuck. She was able to do a super pretty ashy-blonde balayage to fix my mess and it came out so lovely! 

We we're joking around about all the different hair color names that hair stylists give out, so we called mine a Smokey Quartz haha. She is an amazing hair wizard and I definitely recommend her! 

Check out her links below :
The Styling Atelier | Jamilee's Portfolio
Instagram : @stylinginquiries


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