March 23, 2016


We stopped by FWLA's Sunday shows last week with our friends Sky from STLrtists and Angel from Be Brave Fashion. It's always awesome to see new emerging designers showcase their newest collection. FWLA's set up was really spacious and took place in LA's Union Station. Sunday's Womens show consisted of Cynthia Rowley, Saltwater Luxe, RO & DE Noir, and Romeo + Juliet Couture. Royal Majesty Clothing and Robin's Jeans showcased during the Men's Runway.
Cynthina Rowley's collection kicks off the Women's Runway Show.

Saltwater Luxe showcased second. Their collection was gorgeous with their bohemian, free spirit vibe.
I wasn't able to get any good photos of RO & DE Noir's collection. But what I loved about it was that it was very clean cut and sophisticated. Romeo + Juliet Couture was my favorite of the Women's. It had such a nice flow to the whole collection. I loved the lace work and layering.

Saltwater Luxe designers to the left.
Designer of Romeo + Juliet Couture.
Designers of RO & DE Noir.

Sky Naval, Founder of STLrists.
Angel Feliciano, Blogger of Be Brave Fashion.

The Natural Mixologist was definitely my favorite thing of FWLA. 1. because it was free alcohol (who doesn't love free alcohol) and 2. because I totally dig their concept. The Natural Mixologist is all about merging organic, vegan, gluten free, etc and cocktails together! First time I've ever had a well-thought-out drink, and with bee pollen - what! I usually just have the mindset of getting wasted and whatever will get me there works for me.

20 attempts to get this action shot of lavendar sprayed into their whiskey drink.

The ladies of Half Baked killing time before the Men's Runway show.

Men's Runway kicks off with Royal Majesty Clothing. This collection was my favorite of the Men's Runway. I love the edge and touch he has on streetwear. Definitely a designer to watch for.

Designer of Royal Majesty Clothing.

My favorites of the night were Romeo + Juliet Couture and Royal Majesty Clothing. We only had time to make it to one LA Fashion Week show this season, but definitely will make time for the others next season.

Check out the links below for the Designers' websites.
Cynthia Rowley
Saltwater Luxe
RO & DE Noir
Romeo + Juliet Couture
Royal Majesty Clothing
Robin's Jeans
The Natural Mixologist

March 7, 2016

DIY/ Festival Crop Top + GIVEAWAY

Floppy Brim Hat - Forever21 (similar)
Black Tie - Craft Store
Double Buckle Belt - Gold Soul (similar)
Highwaist Jeggings - Forever21 (similar)
Tan Lippie - Clay Crush by Maybelline
Wide Brim Hat - dtla (similar)
Necklace - Forever21
A-Line Skirt - Brandy Melville (similar)

Festival season is around the corner, so here is a DIY festival-inspired crop top for ya!

1. 3/4 yard of lightweight material
2. 1/4-1/2" elastic
3. Tracing paper or pattern paper
4. Scissors
5. Ruler
6. Marker
7. Seam ripper (optional)
8. Pins
9. Lace (optional)

Check out our video tutorial below on how to make this festival crop top! This tutorial is in collaboration with Hollie from Hairburst TV. Check out her links below!
Hairburst TV's Channel :

One lucky winner will win a prize from Hairburst TV! Winner will be announced on March 20th, so check back here to see if you have won!

How to enter :
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3. Comment in the video's comment section with what your favorite festival look is



March 2, 2016

Meet Cherie

Hat | Charlotte Russe
Lippies | Taupe by MAC
Dress | Bella Luxx
Shoes | Forever 21

For those that did not know, there are actually 3 of us in Half Baked! Meet Cherie Arcinas, the wild one of the group. She's definitely an adventurous person - always at events, different places, somewhere new every time. Get to know her a little better in our one-on-one interview over sushi.

What is your name and how old are you?
Cherie Arcinas, 24

What do you do for a living?
I am a licensed vocational nurse. I live, I do what I want.

What are your interests, passions, and hobbies?
I am very passionate about mental health, like the well-being of people. I'm doing a thing about sociology and psychology. I like everything, the world is interesting. The reason why people do things is interesting. You're very much a people-person. I hate people haha. What are your hobbies? I like to discover things.

Who is your idol?
I like Hayley Williams from Paramore. That's so random, but I really like her. I have to think about that question again.

What kind of dreams do you want to pursue in life?
I would just like to make a difference.

Any favorite TV shows?
Grey's Anatomy, I need to finish it today. I like it because it's very dramatic and it has to do with the healthcare field. It makes you feel like you can save lives even though you probably can't. If you're not watching Grey's, what else are you watching? Bob's Burgers. I also watch Parks and Rec.

If I was a stranger, describe yourself to me.
I'm weird, sometimes I deal with stupid people. I go out a lot and then I ask myself why I drink even though the safest answer is just not to do it. Sometimes I'm too much to handle - that is definitely one of them.

Where do you find inspiration?
Instagram, Pinterest. I don't get bright ideas from nature, I just like to admire it.

If you were shipped off to a lonely planet and could only bring 3 things, what would they be and why?
For sure I need lip balm, or an all-purpose balm. I can't live with chapped lips - that's number one. I don't know, I will stop at a store to buy lip balm. A weapon, like a spear in case something tries to kill me. And maybe sunglasses haha.

What is the most important piece of advice you can ever give to anyone?
Life balances itself out, so beware of your choices.
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