February 10, 2016

DIY/ Upcycled Track Pants

Guess? Denim Jacket - Thrifted
Black Tank - American Apparel
Adidas Track Pants - Thrifted
Gold Anklet Heels - Qupid
Brown Lippie - Limbo by ColourPop
Activewear is heavily trending right now. As far as workout bottoms go, I only have yoga wear or cheerleader shorts - not really anything sporty can transition from active to streetwear. Luckily on my most recent thrift haul, I found these Adidas track pants for only $4! See below on how I transformed  thrifted track pants to highwaisted tapered joggers!
1. Old track pants
2. Elastic
3. Scissors
4. Pins
1. Depending on how tight the waistband is, you can either choose to have it fit your waist or hips. I decided to make it high waisted so I measured the length of the elastic that's already sewn into the pants and chopped off about 3". I attached the new elastic to the inside of the waistband, stretching the elastic as I sew.
2. To taper the legs, turn the pants inside out and pin down the inseam of the pant leg starting from the knee going closer to your ankle as you move your way down. Make sure the leg opening is still big enough to slide your foot in and out. Sew along the pins + cut off any excess material.
3. To add elastic to the bottom of the leg opening, fold the bottom edge up and sew a hem about the width of your elastic. Do not sew your hem shut, leave about a 1" opening.
4. Using a safety pin on one end, thread through a small piece of elastic inside the hem. Once you have threaded the elastic through the whole leg whole, sew the ends of the elastic shut and complete the hem seam.
You can do this method to any pants, not only track pants! Check out the video below for a visual tutorial :)


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Groomy said...

Oh my god! You got style! I am definitely going to buy this next time. Last week I bought Carbon38 mesh cut out leggings, which are really amazing. I am so going to follow your blog religiously now. I am so much into buying workout clothes these days.

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