November 17, 2015


With the lace-up tops popping up everywhere and the Cali fall weather creeping in, it couldn't be a better time for this DIY Lace-Up Bodysuit! I was too lazy to pick off every single white fur strand so sorry if it's bothersome!

1. Long sleeve bodysuit - one with a high neck (here)
2. Pins
3. Scissors
4. 1.5 yards of cotton spaghetti, elastic, or stretchy string 

1. Mark how deep you want your V. I went a few inches above my belly button. 
2. From the neckline, cut a straight line down the center to your 'V' mark. 
3. Fold the flaps inward from the shoulder-neck point and taper to the 'V' mark. Pin in place. 
4. Cut 12 pieces of your cotton string that are 2" long. These will be your loop pieces
5. Fold a loop piece in half and pin behind the 'V' flap. 
- TIP - Pin around the loop piece and not through it to avoid pinning through all the layers of fabric. 
6. Repeat pinning the rest of your loop pieces keeping 2" between each piece. 
7. Sew down 'V' flap and loop pieces. Cut excess fabric and lace up the bodysuit with the remaining cotton string. 
- TIP - When lacing your bodysuit, use a safety pin at the end of your cotton string for easy lacing!

Check out the video tutorial below for more visual instructions (:


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