August 28, 2015

DIY/ Brush Roll

I was in dire need of a new brush roll because the original one I owned had leather pieces and specs falling everywhere. It also didn't have enough spots to hold my brushes so it only made sense to make a new one! 

1. Faux Leather
2. Fabric Shears
3. Ruler
4. Thread + Needle or Sewing Machine
5. Tracing Paper (optional)

1. Estimate the width of your brush holder. To do this, you need to decide how many slots you want and how big they will be. I broke my brushes down into 3 categories - Large, Medium, Small. I found that these measurements worked well for my sizes :
Large = 1 1/4"
Medium = 1"
Small = 3/4"
Multiply those measurements by the number of slots you want for each size, and you will have your width! Create dash marks for each slot so you know where to sew.
2. Cut a leather rectangle of 4 1/2" x (brush holder width).
3. Cut a larger leather rectangle for the outside roll. The measurements are as follows : (brush holder width + 4") x 10".
4. Cut a long, thin piece of leather - this will be your closure. I cut my piece to 1/2" x 28".
5. Center your brush holder piece onto the outside roll piece and sew along the left, bottom, and right edges. Both bottom edges should be touching.
- TIP - Sewing leather can be tricky when using a home grade sewing machine. I place a sheet of tracing paper on top of what I'm sewing so there is better traction.
6. Sew your vertical lines to create the slots. Peel away the tracing paper and cut excess threads.
7. Sew in your leather strip

It has a minimal look and is fairly simple (just takes a bit of time). Enjoy and goodluck :)


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