April 24, 2015

DIY/ Minnie Mouse Beanie

Here is a tutorial for the girl that goes to Disneyland and is too lazy to do her hair (this girl right here). Or the one who has Minnie ears and a Minnie snapback hat, but no beanie (me, again). 

1. Minnie Ears Pattern (download here)
2. Black hard felt sheet
3. Black beanie
4. Glue gun or Sewing machine
5. Red & white polka dot ribbon
6. Scissors
7. White colored pencil or fabric pencil
8. Black knit material (optional)

1. Print Minnie Ears Pattern and cut.
2. Trace (2) ‘inside’ patterns onto the black felt sheet.
3. KNIT COVER (OPTIONAL) - Using the ‘outside’ pattern, cut (4) layers of the black knit material.
- If you skip the knit cover and want to only use the hard felt as ears, skip to Step #8 -
4. If using a sewing machine, sew (2) outside layers together leaving the straight edge open. If gluing, glue along the edge of (1) piece of ‘outside’ layer, then carefully lay 2nd layer on top. Remember to leave the straight edge open. Repeat to other ‘outside’ layers.
5. Flip ‘outside' pieces inside-out.
6. Fold ‘inside’ felt piece into a taco and stuff in the ‘outside’ cover.
7. To close up the ear, place a strip of glue on the straight edge of your ‘inside’ felt piece. Place straight edge of ‘outside’ knit cover on glue. Repeat on other side of ear.
8. Add glue onto the straight edge of your ear and place on the top seam of your beanie.
9. Cut about 14” of ribbon. Place a dot of glue on the center back and fold in one end. Add another piece of glue again and fold in the other end.
10. To create the cinch of a bow, place a dot of glue at the top center and fold towards the  center of the front of the bow. Repeat for bottom edge and fold towards the center of the back of the bow.
11. Cut another 2” piece of ribbon and fold into thirds. Wrap around center of bow and seal with glue.
12. Glue the bottom of your bow to the top of the beanie, and YOU ARE DONE!

Check out the DIY video tutorial below - Goodluck loves!


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