February 2, 2015

LIFE/ Gems

Dragged Tiara to the open-air market with me some Saturdays ago since I haven’t been in so long. Ended up finding these babies and couldn’t be happier! I snagged some cute stone necklace pieces and this acid wash denim jacket from a cute little lady who was selling vintage pieces. I also picked out an Eye rope choker which I absolutely love and wearing religiously. 

But my most beloved purchase of all was my Fluorite gemstone. I spent nearly 20 minutes talking to the seller about the history, type, etc - poor Tiara was getting bored out of her mind and wandered off. I was so torn between a pink Quartz or this Green Purple Fluorite but in the end, it was the Fluorite who “chose me”. I absolutely am obsessed. So obsessed that I’m going to be posting a diy on how to make faux quartz for decorative pieces.

Can’t wait for mine and the boyfriend’s SD trip in a few weeks! We’re going Gem Mining!


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