January 6, 2015

DIY/ Marble Vase

Who doesn’t love marble? This 90’s fad is definitely in and staying. Marble is so simple yet such a statement. Here’s a simple DIY tutorial to keep your love for marble going!

1. Pot or Container
2. Marble Contact Paper or Printed Marble Images, download here
3. Mod Podge
4. Exacto Knife
5. Brush
6. White Spray Paint (Optional)

1. Depending on what type of container or pot you are using, you will have to spray paint it white to match the marble. Let pot dry completely. If you prefer the different colored or metallic edges of your container, you can skip this step. Tip: If you are using a container with graphics, do spray the entire thing white so it doesn't show under your paper.
2. Measure the length and width of your pot. Cut out desired shape so that it fully covers your pot. You may have to use multiple Marble Images if your pot is larger than 8x10.
Tip : Use your ruler to guide your exact knife for a straight line.
3. If you are using Contact Paper, peel away backing, stick onto container and you are all done! If you are using the Printed Marble Images as shown, read on!
4. Brush one layer of Mod Podge onto your pot. Start pressing your paper into place one section at a time, making sure all edges are lined up. I suggest you work in sections so that your Mod Podge doesn’t dry up as you’re working. Watch out for any air bubbles!
5. Once you have fully covered your pot, add one more layer of Mod Podge on top of paper to seal it. Let your pot dry completely. There will be a lot of air bubbles but these will settle down after 24 hours of letting it dry, if not less.

We will be moving into a new office soon for work, and what better way to celebrate then new office decor? Please don't mind my little dying succulent. I saw this poor guy at Home Depot and wanted to save him because he looked shriveled and dry.

It’s amazing what these makeovers can do to ordinary containers! For my smaller pot, I used a regular can that was housing ‘Chicken & Dumplings in Gravy’. I felt I did it a favor because that stuff looked disgusting to eat. For the larger pot, I used a Planters Peanuts container that we bought from Costco. I suggest using a container that is smooth and has no ridges. My smaller marble pot had ridges indented as cans usually do, so it didn’t look as good as I expected. But hey, maybe some of you will like it!

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