January 31, 2015


Alexa's new best friend - the fat IMATS squirrel.

IMATS 2015

So earlier this month the Half Baked team was able to make it down to Pasadena for the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show. IMATS is a trade show for the amateur to professional make-up artists and make-up lovers alike. They had people with beautiful painted faces to the most elaborate costumes. We even got to meet a real life Carl from 'UP!'.

We got there before 11 but the line was already going around the block. The line itself went pretty smoothly. We finally got in and it was already packed. Our first stop was Dose of Colors. They have a line of liquid lipsticks that dry matte and are coming out with a limited edition color 'Black Rose'. Waited for over an hour to get to the front to find out that it was all sold out :( While we waiting outside we saw the line for Anastasia Beverly Hills and it was twice as long. The NYX booth was also very crowded and our beloved Soft Matte Lip Creams were all gone. Went to the Crown Brush booth and although things weren't sold out, it was again, just very crowded that getting the brushes you wanted was kinda tough. Went over to the Frends booth and they had $2 dollar eyeshadows in very, very large pans. I am kinda regretting that I didn't get any lol. Also discovered a brand I've never heard of called J.Cat beauty. They had a really good deal for their 'Wonder Lip Paints' (comparable to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' lip tars) which were 3 for $10. Got a lot of dark vampy colors and I'm really excited to try them out. Just roaming around the aisles it was very crowded and there were lines everywhere. So as you can see, it was just a very packed event. We did get most of the things that we wanted tho.

I'd say the coolest part about IMATS is passing through the make-up history museum with pieces featured in major films. It's a trip to see how life-like these makeup artists can get those pieces to be. We also got lucky and got to meet +PatrickStarrr!

Would I go back next year? Not thinking about it lol. The lines you have to wait in and the crowdedness of it all doesn't compare to the discount you get. Personally, I would rather pay full price for some items than to wait in line for five hours. I do recommend going once in your life though. Super excited to play with all the things we got.

Stay tuned for a review on the products we got at IMATS. 'Til next time!

in peace& love,

January 17, 2015


Tee Dress | Alexander Wang x H&M
Leather Button Up | Thrifted (similar)
Booties | Zara
Leather Backpack | Alexander Wang

This tee dress has been sitting on my rack for way too long now - it needed some air. Actually, all my pieces from the AWxHM Collection have not been touched.. Shame on me. Love this dress. It’s soft, comfy, and has the right amount of slinkiness to it.

Shot with the love, Angel from Be Brave Fashion. She has such great style, so check out her blog!

January 14, 2015

DIY/ Fur Coat

This is a tutorial that is way long overdue! Nevertheless - it is finally here. This DIY fur coat is probably one of my favorite diy projects because it’s so easy and you save tons of money. Some odd reason I completely forgot to snap photos for the blog mid-way, so half of these photos are just screenshots from the video. Bare with me.

1. Fur
2. Scissors
3. Fabric Pen or Highlighter
4. Tracing Paper
5. Jacket for reference
6. Large Pins

1. Fold tracing paper in half and align the center of the jacket to the folded crease.
2. Trace one side of the body of the jacket. Straighten any crooked lines with a ruler.
3. Add 1/2” seam allowance.
4. Fold another piece of tracing paper and align the top of the sleeve to the folded crease.
5. Trace sleeve. Make sure the armhole of the body and the armhole of the sleeve match up. Add 1/2” seam allowance.
6. Place pieces onto the backside of the fur. The fur strands should be facing downwards towards the bottom of the jacket. Trace with a highlighter or fabric pen, and cut 2 of each pattern. You should have 2 body pieces and 2 sleeve pieces.
TIP : Do not open the scissor blades too wide when cutting - keep blades as close together as possible. You will end up cutting the fur strands if the blades are too wide.
7. Cut one of the body pieces down the center using your folded body pattern as a guide. These will be your front body pieces.
8. Cut a deeper scoop on the front body panels for your front neck drop.
9. Pin the both sides of the body pieces to prepare for sewing.
TIP : Tuck fur strands while pinning to help cover the seams on the outside.
10. Machine or hand sew the body side seams. I chose to use a loop type of stitch where you start from the bottom through to the top, wrap back around and start again from the bottom.
11. Pin and sew the sleeves.
12. Turn sleeves inside out and place inside the coat, furry side to furry side.
13. Sew all around the armhole, then sew the shoulder.
14. Turn coat inside out, and you’re done!

Check out the DIY video tutorial below. It may help a bit more with the steps since it is a video!


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