November 17, 2015


With the lace-up tops popping up everywhere and the Cali fall weather creeping in, it couldn't be a better time for this DIY Lace-Up Bodysuit! I was too lazy to pick off every single white fur strand so sorry if it's bothersome!

1. Long sleeve bodysuit - one with a high neck (here)
2. Pins
3. Scissors
4. 1.5 yards of cotton spaghetti, elastic, or stretchy string 

1. Mark how deep you want your V. I went a few inches above my belly button. 
2. From the neckline, cut a straight line down the center to your 'V' mark. 
3. Fold the flaps inward from the shoulder-neck point and taper to the 'V' mark. Pin in place. 
4. Cut 12 pieces of your cotton string that are 2" long. These will be your loop pieces
5. Fold a loop piece in half and pin behind the 'V' flap. 
- TIP - Pin around the loop piece and not through it to avoid pinning through all the layers of fabric. 
6. Repeat pinning the rest of your loop pieces keeping 2" between each piece. 
7. Sew down 'V' flap and loop pieces. Cut excess fabric and lace up the bodysuit with the remaining cotton string. 
- TIP - When lacing your bodysuit, use a safety pin at the end of your cotton string for easy lacing!

Check out the video tutorial below for more visual instructions (:


September 15, 2015

Tees + Harper

Sunnies | Target
Septum | Gold Soul
White Tee | Bella
Suspender Skirt | Luxe + Lexie
Booties | Zara

Wearing one of my favorite pieces from Luxe + Lexie's Alchymist collection. I've been wanting to add this into the mix for a while and now it's in! The full collection will be released by November, so I will keep you posted!
Don't forget to check out the babe that I shot with - Angel from Be Brave Fashion!

August 28, 2015

DIY/ Brush Roll

I was in dire need of a new brush roll because the original one I owned had leather pieces and specs falling everywhere. It also didn't have enough spots to hold my brushes so it only made sense to make a new one! 

1. Faux Leather
2. Fabric Shears
3. Ruler
4. Thread + Needle or Sewing Machine
5. Tracing Paper (optional)

1. Estimate the width of your brush holder. To do this, you need to decide how many slots you want and how big they will be. I broke my brushes down into 3 categories - Large, Medium, Small. I found that these measurements worked well for my sizes :
Large = 1 1/4"
Medium = 1"
Small = 3/4"
Multiply those measurements by the number of slots you want for each size, and you will have your width! Create dash marks for each slot so you know where to sew.
2. Cut a leather rectangle of 4 1/2" x (brush holder width).
3. Cut a larger leather rectangle for the outside roll. The measurements are as follows : (brush holder width + 4") x 10".
4. Cut a long, thin piece of leather - this will be your closure. I cut my piece to 1/2" x 28".
5. Center your brush holder piece onto the outside roll piece and sew along the left, bottom, and right edges. Both bottom edges should be touching.
- TIP - Sewing leather can be tricky when using a home grade sewing machine. I place a sheet of tracing paper on top of what I'm sewing so there is better traction.
6. Sew your vertical lines to create the slots. Peel away the tracing paper and cut excess threads.
7. Sew in your leather strip

It has a minimal look and is fairly simple (just takes a bit of time). Enjoy and goodluck :)


June 25, 2015

Net + Leather


Black Fedora Hat | DTLA
Leather Jacket | Forever21
Net Dress | Thrifted
Buckle Heels | Nasty Gal

I'm pretty sure every outfit that I wear has a thrifted item incorporated in it. I've been saving this net dress for a pretty beach-side day or cute summer brunch with my ladies, but unfortunately I have no time for that hah. Wearing my two absolute go-tos : black leather jacket and wide brim fedora.

So my shoes.. I've been in and out of shopping Nasty Gal and have always seen these shoes when I go on the shop. I put these on my Christmas list last year, but didn't get them. So when I saw them months later still on the shop, I couldn't say no because they were only $30 on sale and had only my size left. I love them! They're definitely one of my favorites, although I still need to break them in.


S/O to the babygirl Angel from Be Brave Fashion - check her out!

May 22, 2015

WEARING/ Thrifted Blazer

Grey Blazer | Thrifted
Black Dress | Secondhand
Silver Collar | H&M

Picked up this grey blazer almost a year ago and haven't worn it until now. The only reason why I bought it was because the lapel was unique. A year ago I wouldn't have loved it as much as I do now. My taste in things have become more cleaner and simpler. I guess it comes with age.


April 24, 2015

DIY/ Minnie Mouse Beanie

Here is a tutorial for the girl that goes to Disneyland and is too lazy to do her hair (this girl right here). Or the one who has Minnie ears and a Minnie snapback hat, but no beanie (me, again). 

1. Minnie Ears Pattern (download here)
2. Black hard felt sheet
3. Black beanie
4. Glue gun or Sewing machine
5. Red & white polka dot ribbon
6. Scissors
7. White colored pencil or fabric pencil
8. Black knit material (optional)

1. Print Minnie Ears Pattern and cut.
2. Trace (2) ‘inside’ patterns onto the black felt sheet.
3. KNIT COVER (OPTIONAL) - Using the ‘outside’ pattern, cut (4) layers of the black knit material.
- If you skip the knit cover and want to only use the hard felt as ears, skip to Step #8 -
4. If using a sewing machine, sew (2) outside layers together leaving the straight edge open. If gluing, glue along the edge of (1) piece of ‘outside’ layer, then carefully lay 2nd layer on top. Remember to leave the straight edge open. Repeat to other ‘outside’ layers.
5. Flip ‘outside' pieces inside-out.
6. Fold ‘inside’ felt piece into a taco and stuff in the ‘outside’ cover.
7. To close up the ear, place a strip of glue on the straight edge of your ‘inside’ felt piece. Place straight edge of ‘outside’ knit cover on glue. Repeat on other side of ear.
8. Add glue onto the straight edge of your ear and place on the top seam of your beanie.
9. Cut about 14” of ribbon. Place a dot of glue on the center back and fold in one end. Add another piece of glue again and fold in the other end.
10. To create the cinch of a bow, place a dot of glue at the top center and fold towards the  center of the front of the bow. Repeat for bottom edge and fold towards the center of the back of the bow.
11. Cut another 2” piece of ribbon and fold into thirds. Wrap around center of bow and seal with glue.
12. Glue the bottom of your bow to the top of the beanie, and YOU ARE DONE!

Check out the DIY video tutorial below - Goodluck loves!


March 20, 2015

WEARING/ Acid Wash

Acid Wash Denim Jacket | Secondhand
Black Crop Top | Nasty Gal
White Tank | American Apparel
Black Jeans | Forever21 (self ripped)
Black Platform Chunk Heels | SpyLoveBuy

Oh blog how I have missed you. There are just not enough hours in the day to do everything that I need to do. Story of my life. Anywho, time to catch up on all my blogging content! 

Shot this outfit with my boo Angel from Be Brave Fashion back in January - go check her out! Yes I know, that was 2 months ago - but it's better late than never! Scored this perfect acid wash jacket at the Swapmeet from this cute little ol' lady for $10. I have been looking for a good acid denim piece for quite a while now. Can't wait to wear it with everything -  I will always and forever have this love for acid wash.
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