September 7, 2014

DIY/ Distressed Denim Shorts

Forever I've worn fitted snug shorts, but now it's changing. Not sure if it comes with age, but I am currently in this phase of wanting loose, relaxed denim shorts. Been swooning over these Nasty Gal Cut Off Shorts, I just love the strips of denim at the bottom edge.

Because I'm such a Do-It-Yourself person (and didn't want to spend $62 on shorts) it seemed like such an easy project!

Shorts to distress
Shorts as a length guide
Spray Bottle
Garment Pencil or Chalk

1) Lay Shorts Guide on top of your DIY Shorts. Cut one leg at desired length. Make sure to leave some room for the slits and frays.
2) Fold shorts in half and cut other leg.
3) With garment pencil or chalk, mark where you will cut your slits and patches of white threads. You can do without marking, I just prefer to plan out my distressing before cutting :) After marking up your shorts, cut the slits.
4) Fill spray bottle with bleach and lightly spray about 10" away from shorts. Keep spraying until you achieve your perfect worn-in blue! Make sure you keep an eye on the shorts because the bleach works fast.
5) Throw shorts in the washer & dryer to remove any excess bleach and fray the threads.
6) Now for the fun slaving part - Showing the white threads! In order to show the white threads of your denim, you will need to remove the vertical blue threads. With your tweezers, carefully pull one end of the blue thread until it is out. Repeat until you are happy with the amount of white threads.
7) Once you're finished pulling your blue threads, you're all set!

What I wanted from this project was a pair of relaxed-everyday type of shorts. And I can tell you now, I literally do wear these every day haha. Check out the DIY video below!

Goodluck + Enjoy!


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