August 5, 2014

T R A N S / Side Tie Dress

Dress | Thrifted

I have 2 large piles of clothes that I've thrifted that are just not that cute. The reason why I bought them was because somewhere in my crazy mind, I figured I could turn this not-so-cute piece into a really-so-cute piece. I've probably only fixed 2% of this pile - what a shame. BUT starting August, I will ATTEMPT to fix a piece for every Tuesday on Transformation Tuesday.

First on my list was this green suede short sleeved dress. First of all, it was a dress size too big, and not really flattering as a long dress. To fix it, I created a center seam (there was no other place I could take in) and separated the one piece skirt into two pieces draping to create a tulip shape skirt.

Check back in next Tuesday for a new transformation!

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