August 9, 2014

D I Y / Minimal Crystal Necklace

Happy Friday Everyone!

Techinically, it's Saturday but too bad. Kicking off the weekend with this super simple DIY Crystal Necklace! All my life, forever and ever, I've always been infatuated with crystals, gems, and stones. This necklace sums up my love of stones. I love how simple it is and that the crystal itself is a statement of it's own. I totally plan on buying a ton more crystal beads and making more necklaces for myself. I can't stop. I wish so much I had a house made of crystal.

(1) Crystal Bead
(1) Silver Eye Pin
Silver Chains
Jewelry Closure
Round Nose Pliers (not photographed)
Wire Cutters (not photographed)

1) Pick a crystal bead that is no longer than 1" long. You want the crystal to be small since it is a dainty necklace. I picked up a large strand of purple/blue toned crystals from this bead shop in DTLA for $25. I honestly know nothing about jewelry, so this could've been a rip off or a deal. Either way - I wanted them.
2) Measure out the perfect length for your necklace. I chose 17" so that it falls on the upper portion of my chest.
3) Split the chain down the middle into 2 even chains. Attach the closure to one end of the first chain, and the closure loop to one end of the second chain.
4) Feed your pin through your crystal bead. Cut the excess end of the pin so there is about 1/2" left. Create a loop on that end. Match up your loops so that they look identical.
5) Attach the open ends of your chains to the loops on the crystal bead. Now you're all done!

The 'B' necklace is for my boyfriend's first initial, Brandon. I love letter necklaces and wanted to make one for him. I bought the 'B' bead at Johann's for $1.99. It's basically the same steps as the crystal necklace, but instead of splitting the chain in half, just use a smaller chain and feed it through the bead holes!

Happy DIYing!

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