April 9, 2014

DIY / Flower Halo

It’s that weekend that everyone has been prepping for..Coachella! Everyone except for me of course, not that I really want to anyways. But a number of my friends and my sister will be going, which is why I will be posting Coachella inspired DIYs and outfits over the next two weeks! What better way to start off than a DIY Flower Halo?

Who doesn’t wear some sort of flower crown or halo to a festival? It’s a given accessory for outfits. They may be everywhere, but I still think they’re absolutely adorable!

Hot Glue Gun
Thick Wire
Wire Cutters
Floral Tape
Fake flowers

1) Measure your head with the wire twice so that there is double wire for the crown.
2) Tightly wrap the floral tape around the wires to create one base. This was the first time I have ever used floral tape, so I had no idea it wasn’t as sticky as tape..
3) Separate the flower heads from the stems and snip off the extra stem stub attached to the bottom of the head. You will need a flat surface to glue the wire base to.
4) Arrange your blossoms in the desired order around your wire base.
5) Add hot glue to the bottom of the flower head and carefully (and quickly so the glue doesn’t dry) place onto the wire base. Hold in place for 10-15 seconds. Once the flower is glued in place, add another layer of hot glue around the base and flower to secure the flower. Finish with the rest of the flowers, and you’re done!
6) Keep your halo as is, or go an extra step to make the inside just as pretty as the outside! Clip single leaves from the fake flower bouquets.
7) Add hot glue down the middle of the leaf. Place the leaf along the inside brim of your halo. Make sure the middle of the leaf is placed on the inside of the wire base. The leaves add an extra cushion and feels better on the head :)

Enjoy Coachellie lovers!

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