March 21, 2014

REPORT/ Concept LA

Recap of LA Fashion Week's Concept LA and Intrepid by A'OC Event.

Concept LA is one of my favorite events during LA Fashion week. I love the installation presentations that the designers put together. It's definitely a fresh new way to a runway show. Last season, I attended 90% of the show but last week I was only able to make it to Emily Daccarett's runway. I wish being fashionably late was a good thing, but sadly it made us to the back row.

I was still able to sneak a few photos from where I was seated, but since they aren't blog-worthy I will use photos from

Emily is always designing beautiful pieces. I loved her use of plaid, lace, and cape styling and felt a bit of a 70s vibe when I was watching her show. My favorite piece of the night was her suspender cape skirt. I want.

Images from

After Concept LA, we headed downtown for some food and some Intrepid by A'OC. Stopped by the beloved Yojie's where my sister showed me all the cool tips and tricks that all Yojie Veterans know. Sorry that I didn't know how to make soup with my water..

UNIF Mesh Dress worn as top, H&M Leather Shorts, Rook Snapback courtesy of the boyfriend Brandon

We felt adventurous enough to walk 2 blocks down to the Intrepid event (plus we didn't want to pay for parking). It was a very interesting event.. Not sure if I should question the event being held in a furniture boutique, or why there was a candy bowl filled with Dum Dums like it was Halloween. On a positive note, they had a DJ and an open bar (which we sadly turned down)!

Adventures with the sister are always fun..Especially if there's a questionable-homeless man trying to talk about nonsense while you're trying to leave.

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