March 4, 2014

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Happy 2014 everyone!

It's very sad that this is my first post of the year and I'm 2 months late. Such a shame. I've been very busy with recent events that only recently have I had time to actually start my new year!
So to update all of you with my crazy first couple months, here are some some highlights :

1. Fashion Show
I was one of the designers showcasing at RAW:OC's Awakening show! It was a great experience and definitely an awesome way to kick off the year! But because I was brought onto the show on such short notice, I spent the rest of the weeks until the show prepping and sewing. I will be posting photos and updates about this event soon!
2. Sister's 25th
Took a weekend off to celebrate my sister's birthday up in the mountains. An amazing weekend with the family, besides the fact we had to tow Brandon's car down the mountain. Photos posted soon!
3. Vegas
Right after killing myself for 5 weeks straight, the boyfriend and I decided to take a nice little vacation the week after. We were celebrating his birthday, but also attending a company dinner.

And now here we are, March 3rd. It makes me sad how time flies so fast. I haven't even posted my New Year's Resolutions! I guess it's not too late to post them..which I will do tomorrow, ha. Figured I would post at least something so my blog's not completely dead in the water.


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