March 4, 2014

LIFE/ 2014 Resolutions

Time to finally post my New Year's Resolutions!

1. Stay Minimal. So if you haven't read my previous posts, beginning 2014 I decided to change my lifestyle habits thanks to Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetics. So far I've been doing a crappy job and maintaining a minimal lifestyle because I've been so busy, but I hope it changes from here on out.
2. Work On One Project At A Time. Yes. If you know me, you knot that I try to put a shit ton on my plate. Not anymore 2014!
3. Maintain Monthly Routines. This is probably one of my favorite resolutions so far. I love order. I just think everything works better when there's a plan or a goal. So for the new year, I decided to discipline myself into a certain diet each month, whether it be food, lifestyle, or whatever. I love these routines because there's a great chance I'd carry it on even after the month is over! And I am happy to say that I am!
January. No desserts / sweets (except for Sundays..Sundays are my cheat days with the bf!)
I don't eat sweets as much after this diet.
February. Morning homemade smoothie for breakfast.
This one was a little difficult because February was my busiest month, but I actually carried it into March!
March. Apple a day & looking into the sun every morning.
You know that rhyme 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'? I'm going to see if it's true. Then again, I don't get sick much.. I read this interesting article about improving your eyesight naturally, so I figured I would give it a try! Definitely going to blog about this sometime in a couple weeks for an update!
4. Don't Text & Drive. It's very hard not to especially if it's work related, but I'm trying. I don't count at a stop light though.
5. Budget Money Better. Sounds more reasonable than 'Save More Money.'
6. Follow Through. In 2013, I was terrible at not following through with what I would say.
7. Don't Lie. I didn't realize how much I lied, even if it was for little situations that wouldn't hurt anyone. Ever since I entered in therapy, I haven't lied at all! And if I did from past habits, I would tell the truth right away and say I lied. The only time I know I lied, was when some random guy came up to me in the parking lot asking if I chewed gum. I said no…
8. Buy What You Need. I sound like my parents.
9. Shop What You Seek. Need I say more? I've spent so much money on shit that's just sitting in my closet. Now, I only shop for items that I'm looking for. No more shopping to just go shopping and buy whatever.
10. Work Out More. That's a given.
11. Eat Healthier. Everyone should.
12. Be more happier & positive. Honestly, there's not reason to be negative. It's all about mindset. Being positive and happy isn't easy, but it's something I'm working on. The only person that has an excuse to be negative is my brother, Jericho. He's hilarious when he's negative. Which is like always, haha.
13. GRIND. This is the year.

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