March 30, 2014

L I F E / PV Hiking Trail

The cousins and I decided to hike a trail a couple Saturdays ago in Palo Verdes! The tide pools were my favorite. Actually, I like any place with little animals, and pretty rocks.

I love rocks… I searched for quite a while to find that perfect rock to take home with me.

Gabby found the only fish we saw that whole day!

The tides came in and stranded us a couple of times.

I would definitely recommend this hiking trail to anyone! There were also a few other trails within the area. On our way back, Tiara had us searching for a Geocache which Courtney ended up finding! We also stopped by Sushi Delight for lunch, and Rita's for dessert. Both amazingly delicious.

March 21, 2014

REPORT/ Concept LA

Recap of LA Fashion Week's Concept LA and Intrepid by A'OC Event.

Concept LA is one of my favorite events during LA Fashion week. I love the installation presentations that the designers put together. It's definitely a fresh new way to a runway show. Last season, I attended 90% of the show but last week I was only able to make it to Emily Daccarett's runway. I wish being fashionably late was a good thing, but sadly it made us to the back row.

I was still able to sneak a few photos from where I was seated, but since they aren't blog-worthy I will use photos from

Emily is always designing beautiful pieces. I loved her use of plaid, lace, and cape styling and felt a bit of a 70s vibe when I was watching her show. My favorite piece of the night was her suspender cape skirt. I want.

Images from

After Concept LA, we headed downtown for some food and some Intrepid by A'OC. Stopped by the beloved Yojie's where my sister showed me all the cool tips and tricks that all Yojie Veterans know. Sorry that I didn't know how to make soup with my water..

UNIF Mesh Dress worn as top, H&M Leather Shorts, Rook Snapback courtesy of the boyfriend Brandon

We felt adventurous enough to walk 2 blocks down to the Intrepid event (plus we didn't want to pay for parking). It was a very interesting event.. Not sure if I should question the event being held in a furniture boutique, or why there was a candy bowl filled with Dum Dums like it was Halloween. On a positive note, they had a DJ and an open bar (which we sadly turned down)!

Adventures with the sister are always fun..Especially if there's a questionable-homeless man trying to talk about nonsense while you're trying to leave.

March 19, 2014

JEWELRY/ Hardware Pieces

One of the greatest tips I learned from Love-Aesthetics is Turning disposable into nondisposable and giving objects new purpose. I was so amazed at how Ivania was able to take simple items and give it a whole new meaning. She's always creating beautiful DIY projects with items from her local hardware store. I loved this concept so much that I decided to try it out for myself.

I stopped by a nearby warehouse store called Red Ball Hardware. To be honest, I had no idea what little tools and gadgets I was picking at, nor did I even know their purpose. Nonetheless, I left with some interesting ring and bracelet pieces.

March 16, 2014

REPORT/ LAFW - Rock That Fashion FW14

Recap of LAFW's Rock That Fashion Event held at Boulevard3. Designers showcasing their collections were Puey Quinones, Camille, Meat Packing District, House of Devali, Datari Austin, and Zhang JingJing. The show had a great atmosphere with live performances and amazing designs. My absolute favorites of the night were Datari Austin and House of Devali! Unfortunately, we were too exhausted to stay for the last runway, Zhang JingJing, but I saw a peak while heading to the bathroom and her designs were amazing as well! The only downside of that night was the runway shows starting nearly 40 min late, but then again all the shows I've been to never start on time. Usually I wouldn't mind at all if we were seated, but we were standing..with heels. But all in all, it was a fun night out with a great show and surrounded by inspiring people.

I have to post this picture because I was rudely pushed out of the way by this guy just so he can take my spot where I was standing. And as you can see, I was no longer able to take any good pictures because of him, so I had no choice but to move. RUDE.

Puey Quinones Loved his designs and his use of fabric. Since he opened the show, I wasn't able to get enough good pictures because I had to move last minute from that rude man..

Camille Camille's runway had a great tribal feel and concept. I absolutely loved the headpieces! The metallic and luminescent fabrics she used fit perfectly with her show. She really set the tone opening the show with her scary gorilla haha.

Meat Packing District Loved how the designer mixed simplicity with detail. This collection was very street meets designer.

Not sure how my camera tripped out while taking this picture, but I love the colors so I didn't delete it haha. I don't think I will ever be brave enough to trust a piece of fabric with my life.

Datari Austin I enjoyed Datari's collection the most. I am very into basic colors, but daring designs. I wanted to wear his whole line.

House of Devali My other favorite of the night. This collection relates more to my edgier designer side. All the pieces were beautifully structured. Kudos to the designers!

After Rock That Fashion, we headed to The Oaks for our post event hunger. Thank you to my sister for always finding these amazing food spots. I ordered the Grilled Cheese, because cheese is probably my most favorite food out there. It was heavenly, just like my sister said it would be.

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