December 27, 2013

LIFE/ 2013 Closet Cleanse

I hope everyone was safe and got what they wished these past few days! I've been so busy (like always) this past month and had absolutely no time to blog. Time for an update on life. 

A little before Thanksgiving, I stumbled across a blog called Love Aesthetics by Ivania Carpio. She is an everything genius and my new idol. Why I never came across Ivania's blog or instagram before, i don't know. I absolutely adore her blog that I pretty much read it from her very first posts. Ivania Carpio is the minimalistic queen. She's inspired me so much with her views, fashion, and way of living, that I myself will be applying a bit of minimalism to 2014!

Ivania's wardrobe is pretty basic  and colorless. Although I can't convert my whole closet in such a drastic way, I have decided to only keep what I feel is necessary in my wardrobe. I am throwing a huge closet sale for the new year to free up space for anything new I buy. Prices will range from FREE - $10, excluding shoes. To shop, click the link below :

I do feel sad having to part ways with some of my items, but it feels good to be less cluttered.

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