November 21, 2013

DIY/ Yoga Mat Carrier

Ever since I quit dance, I've been out of the active world. I wanted to get back in shape, but wanted another alternative than just running and workout machines. So I picked up yoga. Definitely felt like a newb just carrying my yoga mat while all the cool people had cute bags and carriers. Didn't feel the need to buy one since I saw it as a great DIY project!

1.5 yards of ribbon or strap
measuring tape
4" of velcro, both sides

1) Measure the circumference of your rolled yoga mat and add 4" to the measurement for the velcro. You can add less than 4" if that's too much; I like to give my yoga mat room just in case I roll it looser the next time. Cut 2 pieces of strap with that measurement.
2) Measure the width of your yoga mat and add 10" to give space between your body and the mat. Cut 1 piece of strap with this measurement for the mat carrying strap.
3) Pin one end of the long strap to the middle of the smaller strap; repeat on opposite end. Pin the 4" pieces of velcro on the ends on the smaller strap; one velcro piece facing up on one end, and the second facing down on the other end.
4) Before sewing everything, I did a little 'heat hem' to the straps. With ribbons or straps, I was taught to hold the edge of the ribbon close to a flame and the heat will melt the loose strands to prevent fraying. 
5) Sew the velcro and long strap down, and you're done!



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