November 15, 2013

DIY : Lipstick Organizing Cases

Happy DIY Friday!

OKAY enough of this blogging break nonsense. I've been so busy with work that I put everything on my personal life on hold. There's no better way to start back up than a DIY! Today we're making DIY Lipstick Organizers! I have a thing for lipsticks; I just love lipsticks! Of course through out the years I've lost and gain some, but now have developed a collection of all types of colors and shades. And where do I store them? In a box.. I was on Instagram one day and saw my friend Jana, a makeup artist, organizing all her lipsticks in little clear pouches. I was a little jealous that I never thought of doing this before, but saw this as a great DIY and a great way to get more organized! I took it a bit further and added a color swatch in the back of the pouch so I can remind myself exactly what the lipstick color is. So if you have a ton of lipsticks, see below for the DIY!

By the way, check out Jana's instagram! She's an amazing makeup artist and such an inspiring person to follow! @jana_mua

What You Need :
Clear vinyl or any material you want your cases to be
Pen / Marker
Scrap Paper

Start by taking your scrap piece of paper and placing 5 lipsticks next to each other to measure your pouch. The cases I made were able to fit 6 lipsticks. You can alter my measures larger or smaller depending on how many lipsticks you want to encase. I measured 6" wide and 4" height for the body of the case. Draw case at the bottom of the paper.

Fold paper at the top of the rectangle, and then fold over the excess flap to create a trifold. The excess fold will be the cover flap of your case. You can secure your case opening however you'd like, but I chose to create an envelope-flap closure. Your paper should now be creased in 3 sections. Cut the folded piece of paper on the 4" line.

On the case flap, draw two lines from each corner to the center to create your envelope flap. Cut along the flap, and open. You should end up with a patter that looks like a long house :)

Place your pattern on your clear vinyl and cut out the number of cases you desire. Taping down the patter to the vinyl is optional. Cut a thin strip of vinyl to place on the outside of the case to hold down the flap closure.

Sew along the edges of your case. I chose to use white thread because I felt its less noticeable. Snip off any excess threads and material along the edge for a cleaner look. You can do the most and flip the case inside out so the inseam is inside the case; I was too lazy for all that haha.

Time to organize my lipsticks! I couldn't get Oliver's big head out of the frame. I decided to create 8 cases at the time, but realized shortly after that that wasn't enough.

Swatch cards are optional - but fun!

What You Need :
White Cardstock
Large Clear Tape

Cut small rectangle shapes from the cardstock 5 1/2" wide. You can use any type of paper material, but I found card stock to be more durable. Lightly scribble a swatch with your lipstick & write the brand and color right above. Be sure to write the right lipstick! When the whole swatch is done, cover the card with tape and snip off the excess tape. Slip behind your lipsticks, and you're done!

Oliver and his bobo eyes…Enjoy & Goodluck!

x, lex

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