November 27, 2013

BEAUTY/ Driftwood

Eyes : Urban Decay Buck & MAC Bruin
Lips : Revlon Pink In The Afternoon

Knoll Polish in Driftwood
Nutra Nail Strength Formula
Cheap black polish from the market

Perks of having a mom who's an Interior Designer. My mom gets these cute nail polishes from her Knoll Textiles rep as give aways! This is my favorite yet, a subtle nude shade. Cute color but really sheer, I had to apply like 3 coats to get it right.

And yes, my nails are real! I've been using this Nail Strength formula for a year now, and my nails are no longer short and brittle. If you want to grow natural long nails, I would recommend the Nutra Nail Bullet-Proof Strength! What I learned from my friend Amy is to use non-acetone nail polish remover if you have long nails. Maybe that's something everyone knew, sadly I didn't.. Currently, my nails are plain nude, without the stripe. Simple.

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