October 3, 2013

Fitted Hawaii

My boyfriend just loves to spoil me. He gifted me this super cute 5 Panel from Fitted Hawaii called the Kahiko Lihau 5 Panel. Fell in love with this rad hawaiian print & the fact that it's waterproof! I wish this hat dropped in the beginning of summer so I could wear it in a bathing suit. Then again, the weather is still summer like :)

I'm trying to wear more jewelry since it's just sitting on top of my dresser collecting dust. The small diamond necklace was from an earring that I added a chain to, but the bottom necklace is my father's. His name is Robert and I absolutely love this necklace. I had one of my own with my name on it, but of course when you're a child you lose everything.

Thank you boyfriend for the hat & thank you Dad for letting me steal your necklace <3

x, lexie

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