October 8, 2013


Birthday Fit
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Thank you to anyone and everyone who made my 23rd birthday soo extremely special! Thank you to all the beautiful gifts and birthday wishes. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday - being around the amazing people I love is what keeps me happy. Here's a quick recap on the past two days :)

On Monday, my boyfriend surprised me with one of the best presents ever! He surprised me with a room at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. Every aspect of this place was beautiful. It was cool knowing we were just steps away from California Adventure, Disneyland, and Downtown Disney. This hotel had beautiful huge fire places, pianists playing every hour, and great customer service. Did I mention I got my Disneyland Birthday Pin?? I've been waiting for this forever.

Brandon was happy that the Dodgers won, and so were all the other Disney employees who wrapped with him when they saw his jersey. He made reservations at the Grand Californian's Napa Rose restaurant. We had Duck Pizette for appetizers, and this amazing selection of cheesy bread with butter. For our main dish he ordered the Duck Breast, and I the Short Rib. What I ate was the absolute best piece of meat I've ever had in my life. It was soft, tender, and fatty - just the way I like it. I would definitely come here again, but only on a special occasion. It's a bit out of my range.

After hitting midnight and celebrating a bit that it was my real birthday, we took a stroll around the hotel and Downtown Disney. It was nice admiring DTD and seeing how beautiful it is without the hundreds of people.

Later that day, my boss took me out for lunch as my birthday treat! He took me to The Tulsa Rib Company, and I must say, this place was extremely filling. I ordered Beef Ribs and their Tulsa Potatoes. Their Tulsa Potatoes were so good! They're were pretty much circle french fries. The employees surprised me with this cute ice cream puff ball dessert with a candle on top :)

Came home late afternoon on my actual birthday to find this..

For the past year, my sister has been decorating my room with birthday decorations. And every time she does, I keep them until they fall off. I love these decorations! I still have my unicorn stickers on my door from last year's birthday. Sadly, my sister and brother didn't know Oliver hates balloons, so they had to deal with him barking at balloons all day and night haha. Thank you tiara for making my room super cute on my birthday :) They also bought me this delicious fruit tart cake from Portos! I absolutely love this cake!

x, lexie

October 5, 2013

DIY : Knit Beanie

I've always wanted a hot pink beanie, but was never able to find one that I liked. So when you can't find something you want, the solution is to always d-i-y :) This is a super easy project, and you can pretty much make your beanie out of anything you want (stretch of course)! I apologize in advance for the inconsistent lighting! I kept messing around with the lights and cameras.

What You Need :
Printed Pattern
Knit or stretch material

Step 1. Print & cut beanie pattern. Download the patterns - 2 pieces. I modified the pattern after I made this tutorial. The Grain on my pattern is going the opposite way :(
Pattern 1
Pattern 2
Step 2. Align 'V's on the center of the pattern to create the Center 'X'. Tape patterns together.
Step 3. Time for some sewing 101! Selvedge is the finished edge of fabric. Fold your fabric in half so that the fold is facing you and the selvedge is to the left. Make sure the arrow on the pattern is going the same way as your selvedge.
Step 4. The dashed lines on the pattern indicate where the pattern should lay on a fold.
Step 5. Fold the fabric in half again so that the new fold is on the right. Place pattern on the folded material
Step 6. Pin pattern to material.
Step 7. When the cut material is open, it should look like the image below
Step 8. Fully open material piece so that the "ears" point outward. Meet the long edges together.
Step 9. Pin & sew
Step 10. Flip the piece inside-out half way so that the ugly seams face each other.
Step 11. Match up the ears. Pin and sew outer edges.
Step 12. Open the top of the piece and match the two sewn points together.
Step 13. Pin and sew.
Step 14. Flip inside-out & you're done!

Now that I have this pattern, I don't think I'll be stressing about finding certain color beanies anymore. You can literally use anything that stretches, and of course, make sure it's comfortable to wear. I made another beanie out of this tie-dye fabric I had lying around. Sadly, I made this beanie a little too tight, so from the front it looks like I'm wearing a tie dye du-rag. If you do this DIY, send me photos - I love to see the DIYs made :)

Happy DIY Saturday! I missed posting this yesterday, so I can't say Friday.

x, lexie

October 3, 2013

Fitted Hawaii

My boyfriend just loves to spoil me. He gifted me this super cute 5 Panel from Fitted Hawaii called the Kahiko Lihau 5 Panel. Fell in love with this rad hawaiian print & the fact that it's waterproof! I wish this hat dropped in the beginning of summer so I could wear it in a bathing suit. Then again, the weather is still summer like :)

I'm trying to wear more jewelry since it's just sitting on top of my dresser collecting dust. The small diamond necklace was from an earring that I added a chain to, but the bottom necklace is my father's. His name is Robert and I absolutely love this necklace. I had one of my own with my name on it, but of course when you're a child you lose everything.

Thank you boyfriend for the hat & thank you Dad for letting me steal your necklace <3

x, lexie
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