September 11, 2013


Inspired by Daria
Outerwear | Thrifted
Top | Bella
Bottoms | Lexie Label Leather Skirt
Shoes | Jeffrey Campbell Tardies

Trying something new and posting Inspired Looks every Wednesday! Today's looked is inspired by the one and only Daria. For those that are unfamiliar with Daria, please get familiar. Daria was a MTV Cartoon of a monotoned, dry humored girl trying to survive high school and deal with her everyday people. Although I was very young when this show came out, and some of the content didn't relate to me, I still loved this show. I think it's one of my all-time favorite shows.

The weather is changing and becoming a lot cooler, which I love! Today was the first day in months that I was able to wear some type of outerwear! Picked this jacket up from a thrift store a few years back and just loved the faded light olive color. Daria has a more deeper, richer green jacket but again, this look was inspired not replicated. I also decided to use my leather skirt instead of a plain cotton skirt to add some texture. I finished the outfit with my maroon Tardies, and yes Daria wears high cut black combats, but I felt these went well with the color scheme I had going on.

I had fun doing my first inspired ootd, and cant wait to do more! & as an update, I'm so going to be Quinn, Daria's sister, for Halloween. I'm slightly convinced that Daria and Quinn are a lot like my sister and I. Tiara being Daria and Quinn being myself. (:

x, lexie

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