July 20, 2013


Lips | Wet n' Wild Cinnamon Spice
Top | DIY
Fox Pin | Timeless Clothing
Heels | DTLA

This top was actually a Men's XXL button-up. I cut off the arms and cut the body half way to turn it into a crop top. I might post a DIY tutorial or maybe a video on this. These tops are perfect for this hot weather. Super simple, and you can just throw under a bandeau and call it done. To this top, I also added all the studs on the pockets and collar, as well as the tiny star studs. I don't even know what kind of patch I used, but I just had to cover what was originally on it..some school district thing haha. The fox pin is from this brand called Timeless Clothing. I absolutely love this pin! Check out their website here :


So today my brother and I decide to wash our cars. I started with the inside of my car and he started with the outside of his car. Right when he was almost done, it started to sprinkle! I don't know what's worse.. Having it rain the day after you washed your car, or while you're washing your car, haha! I was dying, it was so funny! My brother was so mad. Thank God I decided to clean the inside of my car first. I've also posted photos of my sunnies after 2 1/2 months! There's one sunnie that has brown petals! I've always wanted to grow sunflowers, and to actually succeed is a dream come true! I could cry right now.. Last photo are the two bottles I leave my house with every morning. Water bottle & a homemade smoothie.

And, I caught Oliver playing in dirt again... Oh his guilty face..

x, lexie

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