July 20, 2013


Lips | Wet n' Wild Cinnamon Spice
Top | DIY
Fox Pin | Timeless Clothing
Heels | DTLA

This top was actually a Men's XXL button-up. I cut off the arms and cut the body half way to turn it into a crop top. I might post a DIY tutorial or maybe a video on this. These tops are perfect for this hot weather. Super simple, and you can just throw under a bandeau and call it done. To this top, I also added all the studs on the pockets and collar, as well as the tiny star studs. I don't even know what kind of patch I used, but I just had to cover what was originally on it..some school district thing haha. The fox pin is from this brand called Timeless Clothing. I absolutely love this pin! Check out their website here :


So today my brother and I decide to wash our cars. I started with the inside of my car and he started with the outside of his car. Right when he was almost done, it started to sprinkle! I don't know what's worse.. Having it rain the day after you washed your car, or while you're washing your car, haha! I was dying, it was so funny! My brother was so mad. Thank God I decided to clean the inside of my car first. I've also posted photos of my sunnies after 2 1/2 months! There's one sunnie that has brown petals! I've always wanted to grow sunflowers, and to actually succeed is a dream come true! I could cry right now.. Last photo are the two bottles I leave my house with every morning. Water bottle & a homemade smoothie.

And, I caught Oliver playing in dirt again... Oh his guilty face..

x, lexie

All Black

Earrings | DTLA
Lips | Covergirl Sultry Sensuelle
Sheer Coverup | DTLA
Heels | Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Honestly, I did not notice I looked like a little gothic princess until I left the house. I'm wearing all black with large black cross earrings, and robot shoes. Although, my robot shoes have nothing to do with the gothic flare.

Enjoy the weekend!
x, lexie

July 17, 2013


Definitely feeling this summer weather. Today I actually didn't feel lazy and wore heels in this hot weather. If it's hot out, you'll most likely find me in my Rainbows :) Hated the shorts though, never again will I wear leather in heat. These blue lens sunnies are growing on me! I bought these about 2 years ago and never wore them until now, and I'm completely in love! My favorite thing is that no one can tell if I'm staring them down or not hah.

Meet Penny! The only girl puppy in the family! She's a mix of Pomeranian, Welsh Corgi, and Chihuahua. And, that's my Oliver next to her.. digging.. in the dirt. Sometimes I regret telling my dad to get me a white dog. Most of the time he's brown.

Sunnies | DTLA
Lips | Media by MAC
Tank | Thrifted
Leather Shorts | Forever21
Denim ButtonUp | Levi's
Heels | Jeffrey Campbell

x, lexie

July 16, 2013


I would like to introduce you to the two boys of the doggy Rabago family! Oliver & Coojo. Oliver is my white / tan French Bulldog and Coojo is my brother Jericho's Chihuahua Terrier. Today I really thought I was going to watch Coojo die right before my eyes. He ran into the main street with cars driving right at him! If the car didn't slow down and stop, I would be planning a puppy funeral right now. Luckily, he didn't get hurt and a sweet neighborhood boy helped me catch him. Thank you random neighborhood boy whoever you are & if you happen to read my blog which I doubt!

By the way, the last two photos are so irrelevant and not even a nice picture but I thought they were hilarious because Oliver ruined them, haha!

x, lexie

July 11, 2013


Beanie | Vintage Stereon
Sunglasses | DTLA
Tee | DIY Tee
Skirt | Woodruff Double Slit Maxi Skirt
Shoes | Jeffrey Campbell Litas

I absolutely love this weather. It's really sad and gloomy, but it always makes me happy! Maybe because I'm not toasting and getting darker. I also liked the cast that it added to the photos.

Finally starting to show our new blank apparel line that we've been working on for a while! Recently exhibited at Venue Tradeshow as our first showing to the public. I'm wearing one of our new additions to the collection - The Double Slit Maxi Skirt. I absolutely love this skirt! The material is made of Viscose - super soft, and flowy. Definitely a piece that can be worn casual or night. Online store is not open yet, but you can check out the collection here :


I paired this outfit with one of my all-time favorite beanies from Vintage Stereon. Received this beanie from a care packaged and always loved it! Maybe because I'm a thrift addict and I love vintage pieces. You can purchase this beanie on their online shop :


x, lexie


Hat | UNIF Snapback
Socks | OFWGKTA Donut Socks
Sneakers | Jeffrey Campbell HOMG

My blog departure is over! I've been so busy with work and work and work that I haven't had time to blog nowadays. SAD LIFE. For the start of the mid-year, I'll be taking blogging more seriously! Finally got the JC Play sneakers that I wanted thanks to my lovely boyfriend! Right after I took this picture, I realized it was too hot for a hat and socks so I quickly changed right after. Fashion-Over-Function didn't win today.

x, lexie
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