March 13, 2013

DIY Stripe Top

Striped Top Tutorial
Materials Needed:
1. Tape (I'm using Painter's Tape)
2. Black Spray Paint (or whatever color you want the stripes to be)
3. Top

1. Place tape on top to start creating your stripes.
2. Tape all around the top. Make sure you leave approx. 1" between each piece of tape.
3. Spray paint all white areas
4. Let paint dry
5. Carefully remove tape
6. Be sure to keep your tape nice and tight so paint doesn't slip through like below
Finished product!

Rip N Dip 5 panel hat, DIY striped top, Vintage overalls, Jeffrey Campbell spiked Litas

Decided to make this quick top to wear under my overalls & wanted to post a DIY just in case anyone was interested! Needless to say this technique is so easy and you only need 3 things to make it. I'm thinking about doing this to more tops but in different colors. Enjoy :)



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