December 27, 2013

LIFE/ 2013 Closet Cleanse

I hope everyone was safe and got what they wished these past few days! I've been so busy (like always) this past month and had absolutely no time to blog. Time for an update on life. 

A little before Thanksgiving, I stumbled across a blog called Love Aesthetics by Ivania Carpio. She is an everything genius and my new idol. Why I never came across Ivania's blog or instagram before, i don't know. I absolutely adore her blog that I pretty much read it from her very first posts. Ivania Carpio is the minimalistic queen. She's inspired me so much with her views, fashion, and way of living, that I myself will be applying a bit of minimalism to 2014!

Ivania's wardrobe is pretty basic  and colorless. Although I can't convert my whole closet in such a drastic way, I have decided to only keep what I feel is necessary in my wardrobe. I am throwing a huge closet sale for the new year to free up space for anything new I buy. Prices will range from FREE - $10, excluding shoes. To shop, click the link below :

I do feel sad having to part ways with some of my items, but it feels good to be less cluttered.

November 27, 2013

BEAUTY/ Driftwood

Eyes : Urban Decay Buck & MAC Bruin
Lips : Revlon Pink In The Afternoon

Knoll Polish in Driftwood
Nutra Nail Strength Formula
Cheap black polish from the market

Perks of having a mom who's an Interior Designer. My mom gets these cute nail polishes from her Knoll Textiles rep as give aways! This is my favorite yet, a subtle nude shade. Cute color but really sheer, I had to apply like 3 coats to get it right.

And yes, my nails are real! I've been using this Nail Strength formula for a year now, and my nails are no longer short and brittle. If you want to grow natural long nails, I would recommend the Nutra Nail Bullet-Proof Strength! What I learned from my friend Amy is to use non-acetone nail polish remover if you have long nails. Maybe that's something everyone knew, sadly I didn't.. Currently, my nails are plain nude, without the stripe. Simple.

November 26, 2013

WEARING/ Chunky Sweater

Chunky knit sweaters are my favorite pieces during the cold weather. Went to the thrift store a couple weeks ago and picked up these. Vintage and thrift shops are the best places to find chunky, thick sweaters. The only downside to wearing a chunky knit in Cali is you might think it's super cold in the morning and choose to wear a thick sweater, then gets super hot at 12PM..So you're stuck in this heat wrap.


November 21, 2013

DIY/ Yoga Mat Carrier

Ever since I quit dance, I've been out of the active world. I wanted to get back in shape, but wanted another alternative than just running and workout machines. So I picked up yoga. Definitely felt like a newb just carrying my yoga mat while all the cool people had cute bags and carriers. Didn't feel the need to buy one since I saw it as a great DIY project!

1.5 yards of ribbon or strap
measuring tape
4" of velcro, both sides

1) Measure the circumference of your rolled yoga mat and add 4" to the measurement for the velcro. You can add less than 4" if that's too much; I like to give my yoga mat room just in case I roll it looser the next time. Cut 2 pieces of strap with that measurement.
2) Measure the width of your yoga mat and add 10" to give space between your body and the mat. Cut 1 piece of strap with this measurement for the mat carrying strap.
3) Pin one end of the long strap to the middle of the smaller strap; repeat on opposite end. Pin the 4" pieces of velcro on the ends on the smaller strap; one velcro piece facing up on one end, and the second facing down on the other end.
4) Before sewing everything, I did a little 'heat hem' to the straps. With ribbons or straps, I was taught to hold the edge of the ribbon close to a flame and the heat will melt the loose strands to prevent fraying. 
5) Sew the velcro and long strap down, and you're done!



November 18, 2013


Hi readers - Tonight's blog post is a bit more about my personal life and not about fashion. Please keep in mind that everything is solely from me, my own opinion and perspective. I'm in no way trying to put anyone down or tell one what they should and shouldn't do. These are thoughts that I've wanted to share for a while..

Earlier this year, I cut ties with one of my biggest passions, dance. Although I left abruptly and wasn't able to finish off the season with my teammates, it was time to go. I've dedicated a little over 8 whole years to dance, and until I left I didn't realize how long that was. I've met so many amazing people, learned a lot about who I was, and experienced fun moments throughout the journey, but with everything good there was bad. I got stuck, and didn't know it. I loved dance and the people so much that I didn't realize it was distracting me from life. With the term stuck, I define it as continuing in the lifestyle and drifting from the real world. I was drifting fast, and before I knew how much time flew by, I felt I was already so behind.
Don't get me wrong, I do miss dance a lot. Dance will always be a passion of mine, it's just not what I wanted to do forever. Fashion was my other passion which I chose to make my career. In my opinion, if you're not planning to make dance, or any hobby actually, part of your career in the future, I feel you should keep it strictly a hobby and stop when it's time to enter the real world. I chose to keep dancing even after I entered the real world, and boy did it affect me hard. There were countless times where I would choose dance over work. I would dance all night at rehearsal and then kill myself after by staying up until 4am to finish the work I should've done earlier that night.
For the reader's that are not involved or familiar with hip hop dance, let me give you a quick description of what I'm talking about. Dance from what I've experienced (in CA and various states in the US), is a small community in itself. I've always seen the dance community as a high school - you know everyone in school, you see them all the time at parties, competitions, etc and you're all friends with one another. Everyone in dance is connected. I'm not sure if this is how it is in all dance communities, but this is how it is in Southern California. It's not always fun and games though, just like any other school there's drama, bad relationships, backstabbing, sh*t-talking, bad influences and everything negative you can think of. I can't say I didn't fall into any of that, because I did. Dance did grow me as a person, but it did break me too. It turned me into a person who chose people over loved ones, not facing the real issues I had, and one that would throw people under the bus for the sake to safe myself. I've also met some people in dance who I thought were my friends, but realized in the end that they were a bad influence to me and what I was doing for myself.
If you truly feel that you can and want to dance for a living and make this your career, then all the power to you. I have nothing against anyone who wants to do that, I am in full support! But for the ones who are still in it, and know they have a further calling, please rethink your priorities. If you have a stable career/job that you love doing, live on your own, done with school, happy with your future, and have some extra time to dance as a hobby, then great for you! I wish I was at that point where I can take a dance class once a week as exercise, but I'm just not stable yet. In my opinion, if you're in high school or college and have a part time job, then I feel being in dance is fine. It's when you're done with school, and should be looking for a career job, but you're spending your hours dancing, I feel its not the best choice. I was on a collegiate team, and being on that type of a team can take anywhere from 20 - 30 hours from your week depending on your team. I knew I should've left after I finished college, but I loved the lifestyle so much that I stayed. It hurts me to see my dance friends who are 25 - 30 still on a dance team, not in school, and work at a fast food restaurant, because I know they're better than that.
If you're a dance friend of mine and can relate to what I'm saying, please think deep to what I'm saying. I'm only 23 and feel I've already lost so much time to where I could've been in my career. I'm seeing all these younger adults doing what I wish I was doing and being where I wish I was. I never regret much in my life, but I do regret losing one of the biggest accounts I could've ever landed because I was too focused on dance, and regret hurting the ones I love because of my dedication to dance. It was time I got out.
I was on a collegiate team called Team Millennia. I love this team and will keep them dear to my heart, unfortunately, I just can't dedicate any more time to them because I chose to focus on my future. I left the team in May 2013, and since then have been dedicating every second to work. Now I am able to focus and develop my own personal line, which I should've done years ago. I miss my true friends and family on that team, and wish you the best of luck with the years to come. Sorry I can't be there physically to support, but I will always be there spiritually.
For about a little over a month now, I've been in therapy to fix the issues of myself and the problems I faced. Before, I and I'm sure plenty others, viewed therapy for only those who really needed deep help, and were not normal. I can 100% say that therapy was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I feel that you never really know yourself until you've gone to therapy. I learned how to handle certain situations, how to fix the negative in my life, and how to approach my problems. I'm always learning something new each week, and highly suggest to see a therapist if you're having any uncertainty in life.
Again, this is just my opinion and thoughts from my experience in this situation. I love dance and always will, but it was time to move on to the greater in life. I just don't want to see anyone get stuck like I did.

November 15, 2013

DIY : Lipstick Organizing Cases

Happy DIY Friday!

OKAY enough of this blogging break nonsense. I've been so busy with work that I put everything on my personal life on hold. There's no better way to start back up than a DIY! Today we're making DIY Lipstick Organizers! I have a thing for lipsticks; I just love lipsticks! Of course through out the years I've lost and gain some, but now have developed a collection of all types of colors and shades. And where do I store them? In a box.. I was on Instagram one day and saw my friend Jana, a makeup artist, organizing all her lipsticks in little clear pouches. I was a little jealous that I never thought of doing this before, but saw this as a great DIY and a great way to get more organized! I took it a bit further and added a color swatch in the back of the pouch so I can remind myself exactly what the lipstick color is. So if you have a ton of lipsticks, see below for the DIY!

By the way, check out Jana's instagram! She's an amazing makeup artist and such an inspiring person to follow! @jana_mua

What You Need :
Clear vinyl or any material you want your cases to be
Pen / Marker
Scrap Paper

Start by taking your scrap piece of paper and placing 5 lipsticks next to each other to measure your pouch. The cases I made were able to fit 6 lipsticks. You can alter my measures larger or smaller depending on how many lipsticks you want to encase. I measured 6" wide and 4" height for the body of the case. Draw case at the bottom of the paper.

Fold paper at the top of the rectangle, and then fold over the excess flap to create a trifold. The excess fold will be the cover flap of your case. You can secure your case opening however you'd like, but I chose to create an envelope-flap closure. Your paper should now be creased in 3 sections. Cut the folded piece of paper on the 4" line.

On the case flap, draw two lines from each corner to the center to create your envelope flap. Cut along the flap, and open. You should end up with a patter that looks like a long house :)

Place your pattern on your clear vinyl and cut out the number of cases you desire. Taping down the patter to the vinyl is optional. Cut a thin strip of vinyl to place on the outside of the case to hold down the flap closure.

Sew along the edges of your case. I chose to use white thread because I felt its less noticeable. Snip off any excess threads and material along the edge for a cleaner look. You can do the most and flip the case inside out so the inseam is inside the case; I was too lazy for all that haha.

Time to organize my lipsticks! I couldn't get Oliver's big head out of the frame. I decided to create 8 cases at the time, but realized shortly after that that wasn't enough.

Swatch cards are optional - but fun!

What You Need :
White Cardstock
Large Clear Tape

Cut small rectangle shapes from the cardstock 5 1/2" wide. You can use any type of paper material, but I found card stock to be more durable. Lightly scribble a swatch with your lipstick & write the brand and color right above. Be sure to write the right lipstick! When the whole swatch is done, cover the card with tape and snip off the excess tape. Slip behind your lipsticks, and you're done!

Oliver and his bobo eyes…Enjoy & Goodluck!

x, lex

October 8, 2013


Birthday Fit
Top | DIY Crop Tee
Overalls | Forever 21 Leather Overalls
Shoes | Penny Sue Combat Cutouts

Thank you to anyone and everyone who made my 23rd birthday soo extremely special! Thank you to all the beautiful gifts and birthday wishes. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday - being around the amazing people I love is what keeps me happy. Here's a quick recap on the past two days :)

On Monday, my boyfriend surprised me with one of the best presents ever! He surprised me with a room at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. Every aspect of this place was beautiful. It was cool knowing we were just steps away from California Adventure, Disneyland, and Downtown Disney. This hotel had beautiful huge fire places, pianists playing every hour, and great customer service. Did I mention I got my Disneyland Birthday Pin?? I've been waiting for this forever.

Brandon was happy that the Dodgers won, and so were all the other Disney employees who wrapped with him when they saw his jersey. He made reservations at the Grand Californian's Napa Rose restaurant. We had Duck Pizette for appetizers, and this amazing selection of cheesy bread with butter. For our main dish he ordered the Duck Breast, and I the Short Rib. What I ate was the absolute best piece of meat I've ever had in my life. It was soft, tender, and fatty - just the way I like it. I would definitely come here again, but only on a special occasion. It's a bit out of my range.

After hitting midnight and celebrating a bit that it was my real birthday, we took a stroll around the hotel and Downtown Disney. It was nice admiring DTD and seeing how beautiful it is without the hundreds of people.

Later that day, my boss took me out for lunch as my birthday treat! He took me to The Tulsa Rib Company, and I must say, this place was extremely filling. I ordered Beef Ribs and their Tulsa Potatoes. Their Tulsa Potatoes were so good! They're were pretty much circle french fries. The employees surprised me with this cute ice cream puff ball dessert with a candle on top :)

Came home late afternoon on my actual birthday to find this..

For the past year, my sister has been decorating my room with birthday decorations. And every time she does, I keep them until they fall off. I love these decorations! I still have my unicorn stickers on my door from last year's birthday. Sadly, my sister and brother didn't know Oliver hates balloons, so they had to deal with him barking at balloons all day and night haha. Thank you tiara for making my room super cute on my birthday :) They also bought me this delicious fruit tart cake from Portos! I absolutely love this cake!

x, lexie
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