September 19, 2012

Meet Momo Okimoto

Momo is one of the fiercest girls you'll ever meet in life. Definitely someone different from the others. You will probably hear her say "girl" at least 200 times in one day. Her sense of fashion is totally her own and will always be known as hers only. Credits: Director of Team Ferosha / Intern at Mono B / Director of Costumes for Team Millennia

Vintage highwaist shorts, Vintage button down, Bandage corset top, Stuart Weitzman heels, Jewelry from Melrose Flee Market, Forever21, Chinese Buddhist Temple

How do you describe your personal style?
I would say Fem thrown with some bad girl elements. But if I'm not in a professional setting, I try to dress ratchet. Bad b*tch.
What inspires you?
TUMBLR hahaha. I honestly don't really look to a lot of celebrities. I go through a lot of lookbooks of brands that I like. Most of my inspiration is from Tumblr.
What is your most favorite item in your closet?
All my corset tops, and all my highwaisted shorts. I have this 'XL, Hanes, boys, white, t-shirt' that I cut up and wear like twice a week. It's super low cut and it shows all my tats. Yeah girl I wear it with printed bras. I wear that sh*t all the time, its tired haha.
What's your staple?
Honestly, this black corset top that I'm wearing right now. Sometimes I like to wear it when I'm wearing my little ratchet outfit, I use it as a bra top haha. It's like a bra top and shirt.
Where do you like to shop?
I mostly like to shop at the thrift store, that's my Number 1. Vintage stores also have good collections of clothes. I don't like to be wearing the same stuff as everybody else.
What advice do you have for fashion readers?
I would say to still wear the stuff you like even if it's a little weird. I think the best dressed people are the ones that take a chance wearing like weird sh*t.


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