June 27, 2012

Meet Randy Huang

Vintage Dior sweater, Mint button-down, Levis jeans, Vintage boots
Fashion forward student from Orange County. In love with vintage and plaid, Randy can express his style in many levels of fashion. And he's single!
What inspires you?
Fashion blogs, personal blogs, Alexa Rabago. You are my fashion icon in the women's apparel. I'm above and beyond all that overrated stuff you see in fashion magazines.
What is your most favorite item in your closet?
I really like my Sperry's. I am really diggin' my Vintage YSL Chanel shirt that I thrifted. But I'm trying not to wear it out as much so people don't always see it.
What's your staple?
Most definitely plaid shirts. I always have to wear plaid shirts. MAD FOR PLAID. I'm really into collared button-downs. You'll see my in collared shirts.
Where do you like to shop?
I really like to go thrifting a lot, and flea markets. Not only because it's cheap, but I don't like to have what everyone else has. I like to throw my only steez into it.
How do you describe your personal style?
Random as f**k. Sometimes it will look more urban, sometimes it will look more vintage, sometimes it will look more hipster or preppy. Little things I throw on can mean different things. Random Randy.
What advice do you have for fashion readers?
Keep it real, keep it simple. Don't over do it. Don't give f**k about what other people say. Wear what you like. Don't try to meet other people's standards. Just as long as you feel great in it, you can rock your outfit.



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