June 25, 2012

Back On It

Vintage leopard button down, Calvin Klein highwaist shorts, Spike Jeffrey Campbell shoes Shame on me for neglecting my blog this whole month! Life has kept me busy with so many events piling one right after the other. One, I left the place I called home for 21 years to a new home in Cypress. Two, I recently put in my 30 days at Bella Inc, to move full-time to my new position at Saxxon Studios! Three, let's just say I'm single now. Those big events with a million other little events just made my life one crazy circus. Things are slowly mellowing out, thank God. It definitely kills me that I haven't been able to post any photos or looks, especially since all my clothes are still boxed up in storage! However, I will be coming back full force starting tomorrow! Actually today…

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