April 18, 2012

Here are my current April favorites: 1. Aruba Coconut Glitter Spray, Bath & Body Works, $12 2. Cyber Lipstick, Mac Cosmetics, $14 3. Hemp Body Lotion, Sally's Beauty Store, $7 4. Naked Palette, Urban Decay, $50 5. Creme Brulee Lip Butter, Revlon, $6

I love this Aruba Coconut Glitter Bodyspray from Bath & Body Works. My absolute favorite fruit smell is mango and this scent has such a strong punch to it. And if you know me, I am in love with anything glitter. Tasteful glitter that is. I've been using extreme dark-almost-black lipstick for a while now, but haven't yet had a chance to put it in a monthly favorites post. This is one of absolute favorite colors of all time.

Hemp lotion, I know most of you are wondering about this because of course, it is hemp. I bought this lotion just to try it out being the skeptical person I am. After the first try, I was in total love. This lotion has become a staple and a must have. It keeps your legs moisturized without giving you that nasty grease feeling; which I hate. I used to use Jergen's original lotion, because that's the only thing my mom bought but I hated that lotion but it made my skin feel rubbery and unpleasant when first applied. I love this lotion.

I am long overdue with this Naked Palette. Although when this palette first came out I was very tempted to buy it because of all the reviews, but never did because I already had so many loose eyeshadows. This past month I finally gave in and bought it. All the colors are so pigmented and true.

I actually have two lip butters, Creme Brulee and the Liliac color (I forgot the name). I love these little butter sticks. Goes on smooth like a creamy chapstick and gives slight color, but not too heavy like a lipstick. These are great for spring or to touch up your lipstick if paired with the right color.



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