April 12, 2012

Easter Sunday

Bella Luxx dress, dtla black heels

Hello there! Hope everyone had an amazing Easter :) Photos from that day. Super laggin on my blog. Been a busy week with personal, work, and dance matters. But I will be on the grind asap!! I'm wearing a dress from where I work, Bella Luxx. It's super comfortable. I really want it in black. I don't think the dress is available online yet because it's a sample, but they have tons of other cute items. Also shot my brother, and mom. Oh mom.. Oh yeah, and I did my hair thanks to my sister who did it for me. Reverse Ombre. Thinking of only keeping it for about a month :)


xo alexa


Alexis Ogg said...

Easter has always been my favorite festival which I have been celebrating with all my family members. It seems to be the only event that most of the kids are enjoying literally every year.

Paige Tucker said...

Easter Sunday is fully open and glorious for the happiness of the individuals. Most of the followers of the Christianity are providing all the joys for the feeling of the time with their loved ones.

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