April 24, 2012

Great Outdoors

I saw smokey the bear Before After We went looking for frogs! Our amazing tunnel pictures... This past weekend, me, my sister, cousin & her boyfriend spent our time out in the woods. OR what we thought it would be. We stayed at a campground called Lake Hemet. I wanted a great woodsy-foresty campsite, but what we got was a big boring lake. This campsite looked totally manmade! And it didn't help that our neighbors were playing nothing but country and reggaeton music. Although we did make the best of this trip. Mike promises that he's going to take us to a legit one in couple months.

April 18, 2012

Here are my current April favorites: 1. Aruba Coconut Glitter Spray, Bath & Body Works, $12 2. Cyber Lipstick, Mac Cosmetics, $14 3. Hemp Body Lotion, Sally's Beauty Store, $7 4. Naked Palette, Urban Decay, $50 5. Creme Brulee Lip Butter, Revlon, $6

I love this Aruba Coconut Glitter Bodyspray from Bath & Body Works. My absolute favorite fruit smell is mango and this scent has such a strong punch to it. And if you know me, I am in love with anything glitter. Tasteful glitter that is. I've been using extreme dark-almost-black lipstick for a while now, but haven't yet had a chance to put it in a monthly favorites post. This is one of absolute favorite colors of all time.

Hemp lotion, I know most of you are wondering about this because of course, it is hemp. I bought this lotion just to try it out being the skeptical person I am. After the first try, I was in total love. This lotion has become a staple and a must have. It keeps your legs moisturized without giving you that nasty grease feeling; which I hate. I used to use Jergen's original lotion, because that's the only thing my mom bought but I hated that lotion but it made my skin feel rubbery and unpleasant when first applied. I love this lotion.

I am long overdue with this Naked Palette. Although when this palette first came out I was very tempted to buy it because of all the reviews, but never did because I already had so many loose eyeshadows. This past month I finally gave in and bought it. All the colors are so pigmented and true.

I actually have two lip butters, Creme Brulee and the Liliac color (I forgot the name). I love these little butter sticks. Goes on smooth like a creamy chapstick and gives slight color, but not too heavy like a lipstick. These are great for spring or to touch up your lipstick if paired with the right color.


April 17, 2012

Bone Thugs

Top, Bella Luxx. Denim vest, Vintage. Leggings, Ebay. Shoes, FRH.

Lately, I've been doing nothing but Ebay online shopping. Something about bidding on different items and constantly keeping a lookout to see if you've been outbid keeps me intrigued. So far I've been bidding on all sorts of rings, jewelry, and accessories. The sad thing is, all the items that I end up purchasing are from China! It takes close to a month (a couple weeks if im lucky) before I actually receive the item. These leggings are one of the items I received first. I love the bone print on the legs! Not only does it satisfy my need of weird printed leggings, but they're actually really comfy. Also received my bad boys this weekend. Used them when going out to this club in WeHo called Rasputin. Met some fun people & I absolutely love the environment there! And I must add that some stranger gave us $20 to cut in front of us in the bathroom line just to take a poop. haha, that was one of the highlights of that night. Later on, we used that $20 for a large pizza.. that I threw back up.

April 16, 2012

April Wishlist

Such pretty weather from this past weekend's storm. Posted up my current April wishlist items. Shoutout to everyone who came back from Coachella this weekend! Wish I was going, but definitely next year. This weekend: KBBQ (ultimate present for a successful lent of giving up land meat), dance show for my mom, & lounging at home doing laundry. Also buying my iPad 2 soon, definitely something I need for work! Was convinced to save $100 and just get the iPad 2 opposed to the iPad 3.

1. Topshop, Acid Dye Sweater, $50
2. Mosley Tribes, Rainbow Aviators, $180
3. Jeffrey Campbell, Zeke Platforms, $185
4. Topshop, Chain Bib, $20
5. Topshop, Acid Dye Shorts, $45
6. Topshop, Mint Satchel, $44
7. Apple, White iPad 2, $399

April 12, 2012

Easter Sunday

Bella Luxx dress, dtla black heels

Hello there! Hope everyone had an amazing Easter :) Photos from that day. Super laggin on my blog. Been a busy week with personal, work, and dance matters. But I will be on the grind asap!! I'm wearing a dress from where I work, Bella Luxx. It's super comfortable. I really want it in black. I don't think the dress is available online yet because it's a sample, but they have tons of other cute items. Also shot my brother, and mom. Oh mom.. Oh yeah, and I did my hair thanks to my sister who did it for me. Reverse Ombre. Thinking of only keeping it for about a month :)


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