February 14, 2018


If you've been following my channel and IG lately then you know I've just recently became obsessed with the K-pop group BTS. I literally wake up to them and fall asleep to them. I haven't been able to properly focus since BTS entered my life. The only reason why I'm back on Blogger after a 5 month hiatus is because this tutorial was too technical to put on Youtube lol. However, I do plan to post most on here so stay tuned :)

1. Faux Leather Trim - $1.50/yd in Fabric District, LA
2. Measuring Tape
3. Mallet
4. Double Cap Rivets + Tool
5. Grommets + Tool (both optional)
6. E6000
7. (3) Buckles - $1/ea from Fabric District, LA
8. (3) Large O Rings - $1/ea from Fabric District, LA
9. Scissors

1. Cut your leather trim: (1) 7" strip, (1) 21" strip, (2) 15" strips, (2) 20" strips, (3) 6" strips
2. Attach a 6" strip to the top and a 15" strip to the side of an O ring. Repeat to the other side making sure both 15" strips are pointing outwards away from the center.
Make a slit 1/2" down from the end of the strip and another one 1" down from that first slit. Wrap around the ring and align the slits so they match up. Poke the rivets through the slit and secure using the tool.
3. Add the 21" strip to the bottom of both rings. Add a 6" strip to the inside of preferred ring and the 7" strip to the other.
4. Add a buckle to each 6" strip.
Make a slit 1/2" down from the end of the strap. Feed the strap through the buckle, like the buckle prong through the slit and feed it back down. Glue the strap end to the strap body to finish. I like to add little clips to hold the glue in place while drying.
5. Bring the ends of the 15" straps up to the top and attach it to the sides of the last O ring. Attach the 20" strips to the top of the ring.
6. Add grommets to the bottom of the 7" straps and both 20" straps. Grommets are optional but I felt they made the harness a little more badass (: If you prefer no grommets, just make slits instead.

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September 17, 2017


Pink Guess // thrifted
White Leather Skirt // mom's
Gold Chain Belt // thrifted
Clear Booties // Simmi

I've been obsessing over this vintage Guess sweater that I swooped from my local open air market recently. Not sure if it's because pink is my favorite color or the fact that it was 75 cents but it's definitely made it's way on my list of favorite thrifted items. The only downside is that it does have blue paint splattered everywhere. Dear girl (or guy) who previously owned this sweater, why would you dare do painting projects wearing this cute piece?? ANYWAYS. That just justified my reason for cutting it into a crop so I guess I'm not too bothered.

Getting back into the posting groove! Stay tuned for more content!

September 14, 2017

DIY/ Boujee Dollar Decor

Wow it's been a lifetime since I wrote out an actual blog post! Life has been hectic (when is it never) and I've been putting a lot of focus in Youtube the past couple months. However, I'm not here to talk about my busy schedule, we're here to talk about being broke & boujee!

So many of you enjoyed my DIY Boujee School Supplies video and the DIY Dollar Anthropologie Decor video so much that I decided to combine the two to create DIY Dollar Boujee Decor tutorials! You don't know how much fun I had making this video and seeing all of the boring #basic dollar supplies transformed into something beautiful. Check out the video below for all of the tutorials!

Currently living that broke & boujee lifestyle. brb.
PS. I will be gracing your feed with an update on my hectic life so stay tuned!


August 1, 2017

WEARING/ Magic Bra

$10 Magic Bra // NewChic
Dress Dress // NewChic

If you haven’t seen these magic bras yet then are you really from this earth? Everyone knows that these bras work wonders for our big breasted women but what about for the ladies in the Itty Bitty Titty Committee?! I wanted to put this $10 bra to the test to see what it could do for girls that have practically no boobs lol.

I received 2 bras from NewChic - a basic and a push-up. For my usual sticky backless bras I use the 'chicken cutlet' type of bras and because this is basically the same thing, I decided to apply it the same way. In order to push up the little goodies I've got, I place the bra closer to my armpit and lower toward the bottom of my boob. Placing it closer to your back allows the bra to bring everything together once it is laced up.

My final thoughts about this bra:
PROS // I feel like it totally does work! It definitely gave me more body in this dress than I did with out. The front lace-up closure in the front is a plus because unlike the cutlet bra, the lace-up feature allows you to adjust how tightly you want your boobs pushed together. The price is also a pro since it doesn't break the bank.
CONS // The only gripe that I have with this bra is that the center stops pretty high so unfortunately you're unable to wear anything that is plunging or deep-V.

Check out the video on my channel to see me review these two bras in action!


July 5, 2017

WEARING/ Floral Layers

Floral Cover Up // CAKYE in Pink
Black Bikini Top // Nasty Gal (similar)
Black Highwaist Bottoms // Thrifted (similar)

Usually I just use a dress or your basic tee + denim cut-offs to cover my body to and from the pool, and for someone like me photos usually mean me in my cover-up or me in my bikini - never both. So I've been dying to find something that can be more of an addition to my pool look because sometimes ya girl doesn't feel like being shot in just a bikini (lol). So here comes this cute cover-up to the rescue! This chiffon floral kimono from CAKYE is perrrfect for pairing over all of my black bikinis. Trust me, I have a lot. I was more drawn to this specific color way because of the modern take on their floral print and subtle de-saturated colors. I'm all about layering too so being able to wear this baby around the pool without getting hot is such a plus!

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